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Jul 6, 2011: What's New : Mt. Evans

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I taught a workshop on Mt. Evans on the weekend of Jun 25-26, here are but a few of the shots that I got that weekend...those of the students were at least as good! For more information, see the workshops section of this site.

Apr 18, 2011: Featured Photo of the Week: Bison Rising

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For my workshop this past weekend, we were treated to a great full moon rise! This was no accident, I plan the dates of my workshops, whenever possible, to give students the opportunity to photograph full moon and other such events. Here, the full moon rises over the Bison Rock formation.

Apr 18, 2011: What's New : Garden of the Gods

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Had a great time teaching a workshop in the Garden of the Gods this past weekend. Here are a few of the shots that I got...the students got shots that were at least as good. If you'd like to take a workshop from me, check the workshops section.

Mar 21, 2011: Featured Photo of the Week: Sermon on the Mount

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A mass of great-tailed grackles was fighting over food, with the larger ones engaging in all sorts of dominance displays. One of the oddest such displays involves tilting their heads up high (I'm not sure how that is supposed to be threatening, but then again, I'm not a submissive great-tailed grackle :-). I managed to catch one of these displays, but to me, it looks more like the dominant male is preaching to his congregation.

Mar 21, 2011: What's New : Lower Rio Grande Valley

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After having spent 5 days in McAllen, TX at the North American Nature Photography Association Annual Summit, I finally got out to do some shooting at several refuges around the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Check out a few of the images I was able to capture in my What's New section.

Feb 28, 2011: I finally got the schedule for the Workshops that I will be teaching this year posted. Introducing 2 new workshops this year: Mt. Evans (for mountain goats) and Maroon Bells for fall colors. Also new this year: I have reduced the prices of all of my workshops! You can register for any workshop online. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of my workshops offered this year.

Jan 10, 2011: Photo of the Week: Fall Aspen Grove

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As I was leaving the Chiricahua National Monument (to head to The Bosque) I was watching the sunset illuminate the clouds and was hoping that I would chance upon something along the road that would serve as a good foreground...I think this qualifies, don't you?

Jan 10, 2011: What's New : Chiricahua National Monument

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I go to a new "wild" place every year to ring in the New Year, and this year it was the Chiricahua National Monument in South-East Arizona. I knew the recent storms across the West would bring snow and a unique opportunity to photograph the Monument's hoodoo formatations in all their wintery wonder. Unfortunately, the snow also closed down access to much of the Momument during my stay, but it was still a nice way to welcome the new year...and I did manage to get some nice photos!

Oct 4, 2010: What's New : Maroon Bells Fall

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Fall in Colorado...it hardly gets better than this! Here is a small sample of my trip to the Maroon Bells the last week of September.

Aug 3, 2010: What's New : Maroon Bells

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What a weekend. I was in Carbondale for Mountain Fair (at which I made good money!) and just couldn't pass up the chance to spend four mornings at the Maroon Bells. I was hoping for more clouds behind the Bells, but it was gorgeous nonetheless! And what a treat to find a family of yellow-bellied marmots!

Jul 20, 2010: What's New : Mt. Evans(2)

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While away at the Summerfest Arts Festival in Evergreen I got to spend a little time on Mt. Evans. I've said it before, but it bares repeating: this nature photography thing is a tough job, but someone's got to do it :-)

Jun 1, 2010: I want to thank the folks of Colorado Springs for a successfull show at Territory Days this past weekend. I didn't break the bank, but did have my highest sales of any Territory Days I've done. thanx again!

Apr 5, 2010: I just completed my submission (of 20 images) to the Windland Smith Rice competition of Nature's Best magazine, easily the most prestigious nature photography competition in the world. Wish me luck! I will surely let you know if any of my images is selected.

Mar 17, 2010: I have added a new Workshops section, which lists the complete information about the Photography Workshops/Tours I will be leading this year. If you'd like to learn how to take stunning wildlife and scenic photography, or are already an accomplished nature photographer and just want to be lead to exceptional Colorado locations, please check it out and register online.

Mar 01, 2010: I have added new photos from my visit to Arches National Park and a few other miscellaneous photos as well to my What's New section.

Feb 26, 2010: I owe a special debt to local Moab photographer Jon Fuller of Moab Photo Tours. I'm in Arches National Park; I broke my tripod head this morning and was in a panic. A local photo gallery gave me Jon's phone number. I called him out of the blue and asked if I could borrow a head for my last day and a half here in Arches. He said "sure"...despite not knowing me from Adam. Very nice of him!

Feb 21, 2010: My work will be on exhibit (for sale) during the Outdoor Inspirations show at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe, CO. The show runs during the months of March and April.